Struggling with reactivity, aggression, or other problem behaviors? 

Canine Collaborative has a variety of services that can help you! From private lessons to group classes and even board and train, we are here to help you. Each client is treated as an individual - we do not have a set program because no two dogs are alike. Meet with one of our trainers to evaluate where you're at where you want to go, from there we will recommend a path forward.



What services do we offer?


Private lessons give you personal one-on-one time with a trainer to personalize your training. Lessons are tailored to your needs and wants. 

Our board and train service is for clients who need an extra helping hand*.


Your dog lives with one of our experienced trainers in their home. During their stay, our expert works on family life skills and your customized training goals. The board and train curriculum is tailored to your individual pup's needs. Canine Collaborative prides ourselves on going the extra mile to help your dog reach their full potential.

All board and train participants will leave with:

  • Basic Pack Socialization

  • Leash Work

  • Family Skills

  • Practice in Public

  • Personalized Training Goals


Prices available on request. To get started you can schedule a phone consult** or fill out an Intake Form and return it to Christina to start your training journey!


*Board and Train is taken on case by case basis and availability is limited. Terms will be agreed upon prior to drop off.

**Phone consult is for evaluation purposes only.