Shannan Julson

Be aware of your dog's behavior and practice the proper outcome to achieve the proper expectation.

Based in Finley, WA


When Shannan was young she started working with her miniature poodle, Nikki, teaching her tricks like swinging and how to ride ponies with dreams of creating her own dog and pony show. In 2000 she started showing, competing, and breeding her jack russells in conformation, go to ground, agility, and obedience. People began bringing Shannan dogs with behavior issues to foster and rehome. 

Hired by Petsmart in 2005, she taught group classes and private lessons for four years while continuing to work privately with rescues. In 2012, Petco hired Shannan to help rebuild their local training program. After successfully leading the program, she decided to train privately and work with rescues again. In 2019 she joined with Christina to form Canine Collaborative. In 2022, Christina and Shannan decided to branch off into "Canine Collaborative West" and "East" respectively. 

Shannan's favorite part of dog training is opening people's eyes to how amazing their dog is and teaching them a better understanding of how to talk dog. She focuses on relationship and redirection of behavior in both humans and animals. By helping people understand the big picture and how their behavior influences their dog, she works to create a partnership.